Switching to Natural Deodorant? Here’s What Works


Since I shared my natural deodorant *journey* with you all, so many people have asked what kind of anti-smell sticks I like to rub on my pits.

WELL. I’ve tried way too many brands, but I’ve only found five that actually work. For the record, this list is being compiled by someone who survived the B.O. phase of switching to natural deodorant. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should check out the video above.) So, if you’re just starting to ditch anti-perspirants, I can’t promise that these products will work for you right away.

1. Bunny Butt Apothecary

This deodorant is life-changing. I always come back to Bunny Butt’s “The Pits” deodorant, mostly because they all smell delicious. My top two scents are Sucre Bleu and Birthday Cake (yes, it smells exactly how you’re imagining), and it’s a relief to know this clear gel formula is made with essential oils and not, like, the tears of baby otters.

2. Schmidt’s

Schmidt’s might be the biggest natural deodorant brand out there right now. Like, you can buy it at Targét. My only ish with the company is that it seems like some of the flavors work better than others. I highly recommend the Rose+Vanilla scent – it’s very floral and sweet, but fades away as the day goes on so you don’t feel like a giant walking flower garden.

For my goth fashionistas out there, steer away from Schmidt’s. Its consistency is chalky, so it might end up leaving tracks on your favorite black get ups.

3. Crystal Deodorant

Yes, this is an actual crystal you rub under your arms. What a time to be alive. There’s a little bit of finesse required to this product: to activate the anti-bacterial properties, you have to hold the stick under some water before applying. The secret to getting this to actually do something, rather than leave you sweaty and reeking of billy goat during your 11 a.m. meeting, is to RUB RUB RUB. Once you feel like you’ve over-applied, rub on a tad bit more.

Honestly, I think crystal deodorant is best for natural deodz pros. If you’re still at the start of your *journey* check out the Crystal Deodorant Roll-On. It’s already in liquid form, so no mad scientist-ing required.

4. Arm & Hammer

This may not look like the hippie-dippiest health-conscious deodorant, but it WORKS. If you hate perfumed deods, definitely try Arm & Hammer, because they are serious about this clear gel being unscented. The main ingredient, baking soda, acts as a B.O. buster without bells and/or whistles. I’m literally shrugging as I write this – this deodorant is so simple, I don’t have anything else to say.

5. EO Spray Deodorant

If you are the exact opposite of Arm & Hammer unscented fans and love smelling like a fresh herb garden of lavender, try this spray. It’s not as powerful as a stick or gel deodorant, so I keep this stuff in my gym bag to spritz on after I sweat. Lavender is hands down my favorite anti-anxiety aromatherapy, so j’adore this scent.

To be honest, I’ve never tried EO’s wipes, but I really want to.

If you try any of these deodorants out, please let me know! You can leave a comment, or write to me on Facebook or Instagram.

Ok. love you bye!

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