Tell me more about this “Christina Wolfgram”

Photo by West Smith

Hi!, I’m Christina, a writer, director, and creative producer who specializes in comedy for women. My signature comedy videos have been viewed over a billion times on Facebook and Instagram, most notably, my Facebook Watch series, Christina Tried Her Best, which racked up over 100 million views in just one season. Most importantly, my parents think I’m funny. See!!

I am the proud owner of one whole Master’s in Professional Writing from USC and over the past decade, have developed content for countless brands, including Hello Kitty, Disney Broadway, Twitch, DragCon, The Calm App, and many more. Many moons ago, I worked as the founding editor of Los Angeles Magazine’s first ever automobile blog, which means that I got to run a team of incredibly smart writers and that my entire Google Search history was about the right way to pronounce Porsche. (I’m still fairly certain that “e” is silent.)

One of my favorite kinds of writing is explaining Big Subjects in a way that’s both entertaining and accessible. That might explain why so many of my videos have been about periods, mental health, and the dramatic mundanities of being a human being.

I’m a huge believer that daily creativity makes for a happier brain, so I also teach writing workshops to help people find their most authentic voice.

Most recently, I created Crying is Cool, a store full of funny fashion for stylish sensitives. I also host Sobcast the Podcast, where I beg the question, “what even is mental health?”. In 2020, I wrote and starred in a short film called 10mg, named after the dose of Lexapro I take every morning. Don’t worry, it’s funny!

In other lives, I’ve been an art director, hand model, and children’s party performer. In case you were wondering!

Someday, I hope to either win an exorbitant amount of money on a game show or get famous enough to get cast in a TV musical. In the meantime, I’ll keep discussing mental health, periods, and my cat’s sleeping patterns on social media.