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Are the creative projects you put on the back burner starting to catch fire? Do you struggle to express yourself through writing and still sound like yourself? Are you overwhelmed by the time and dedication it takes to tackle a big project, like finishing a book or writing copy for your website?

I’m so glad you found me.

I can help you
✔️ find your authentic voice so that you can write ANYTHING
✔️ translate your ideas into words
✔️ complete creative projects
✔️ form lasting artistic habits that fit YOUR life

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Christina was able to take the information from 1-2 meetings and produce this wonderful copy for my website that sounds just like me.

– Shena Jimenez, CEO & Founder of Bloom Financials


After earning my Master’s in Professional Writing from USC ten years ago, I decided I wanted to be able to write about anything. And I got really lucky: I was the inaugural editor and columnist for Los Angeles Magazine‘s L.A. Driver Blog, I wrote about London and periods and Taylor Swift’s friends for websites like Buzzfeed and Refinery29. And eventually I became a lead creative producer at Zooey Deschanel’s women’s website, HelloGiggles, where I headed up a team of video creators and honed the site’s brand and internet presence. The project I’m most proud of is the Facebook Watch series Christina Tried Her Best, which was viewed over 100 million times in its first season. Since then, I’ve been helping people express themselves with comedy and heart through creative workshops and consulting.

From established brands to brand new creators — I love working with all brains at any level. My goal is to inspire you, empower you, and help you get sh*t done!

Penguin Random House in May.

✨The Reviews Are In✨

“Christina with helped me develop comedic confidence that has made a huge impact on my performing career. Not only have I learned invaluable skills from her workshops, but her insights over the years on many projects have been key to making me feel proud and excited about work from the stage to the pen and beyond. Her empathy, enthusiasm, and generosity are unmatched.” – Anna Prosser, host, actress, and poet

“Being dyslexic I have trouble expressing myself or even with simple writing/messaging so putting together the copy for my website (alone) was daunting. I absolutely loved working with Christina because she understood my troubles and instead of handing me 12 pages worth of questions, she took the time to have a conversation with me and learned about me and my business. She was able to take the information from 1-2 meetings and produce this wonderful copy for my website that sounds just like me. I would definitely be working with Christina again on other projects.” – Shena Jimenez, Founder & CEO of BLOOM Financials

“Have you wanted to be taught writing AND make a new friend!? Christina Wolfgram is the right choice! But don’t take *MY* word for it!” – Nate Starr, comedian and someone whose word you should definitely take

Christina’s tarot card reading was incredibly thoughtful, personal, and insightful. She took the time to explain each card she pulled and what it meant for me at that moment in my life. Plus, she took the interpretation a step further by explaining what my specific cards could potentially foreshadow in relation to each other. I think back on the reading a lot and took a lot from it. It was a very meaningful experience and a beautiful way to reset my own intentions for what I want in life. – Elizabeth Enteman

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